A Guide to Your Angels

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Guardian Angels

shutterstock_129491495 LR 150x150Many people ask me whether everyone has a guardian angel, I can only talk about my own experiences. Everyone may have different beliefs about Angels and that’s ok.

I have always felt from an early age that there was someone watching over me and helping me when I was unsure about something. Sometimes when feeling sad, a reassuring voice would speak to me and make me feel that everything would be fine.

So who are these Angels?

– They are not our loved ones in the spirit world, they have never lived as humans.

– They love us unconditionally and are always by our side

– They want to help us and are waiting for us to start listening.

– They are our beings of light that have chosen to work with us before we come here to earth and will be with us until the end.

– I see them as beams of light but many people will see them in different ways. Angels have always been portrayed with wings as they come down from heaven. You don’t need to be a medium or clairvoyant to experience them around you. You just need to welcome them in and feel their beautiful presence guiding you and bringing you comfort, wisdom and healing.

Have you ever taken an action, it could be anything at all but deep inside you know you should have done it differently, or taken a different path? That feeling deep inside is your Angel telling you that you should have done it the other way. Next time you are faced with a similar situation, listen carefully to that still, quiet voice or internal hunch so that you have the wisdom take the right path.

As I work with people during my readings and healings I see them as different coloured beams of light. Every time a person enters my office I say prayers and evoke the higher angels. People sense a feeling of overwhelming love and peace. They often say, ‘Wow your room is amazing.’ Some people even start crying for no reason as the energy touches their soul and the peace and love enfolds them.

Our Angels are here to work with us and help us. By connecting and working with your angels they can assist you in so many ways. They can heal us on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. They can bring us inspiration, guidance, solve problems and help improve relationships. All we have to do is ask and have patience. Their purpose is to serve us and encourage us to grow and expand our consciousness.



There are a group of angels called Archangels, whose work is to oversee groups of angels and to work with humanity. I work with the four key Archangels and call them in before I start work.

The four key ones are :

Archangel Michael – The Archangel of protection, courage, strength, truth and integrity.

Archangel Raphael – The Healing Archangel, he will help to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Archangel Gabriel – The Archangel of guidance, vision, inspiration and purification, helping us to find our true  calling.

Archangel Uriel – The Archangel of peace, tranquillity, giving, receiving, service and devotion.

Archangel Michael                         Archangel Raphael

Michael Raphael









Archangel Gabriel                        Archangel Uriel












The Other Side


When I was 19 years old I visited the other side (I will save the whole story for another time). I passed over for a short while but it wasn’t my time to go. Whilst I was there my angels taught me many things before it was time to come back.

What I learned was that there is nothing to fear from the other side, it’s peaceful and beautiful. There is no such thing as hell, in fact when you pass to the other side you have just left hell! Everyone is equal on the other side, you can’t take money or power with you, only memories and experiences.

One should never be afraid of passing. From my own experience I gained a much greater sense of peace and can use this to give comfort to those I help, who do not have long left on this earth plane.

When we leave this place called earth we are going home, back to the source from where we came. Death is just a another part of our being so that we can be reborn again to work through what we didn’t learn the first time around. Some of us come back many times. Each time we come back another angel is assigned to help us on our path and to assist and guide us to make the right choices this time.


Just Ask

So just remember, if you need help from your Angels, all you need to do is ask! You may first need to acknowledge your Angel, have faith that they are there for you and want to help you.

Let them in and let them guide you.

Good Luck!

Love Sue xx