Answers from the Other Side – Review

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Sue Nicholson sees dead people. She sees them, she hears them and she senses them. She is a psychic medium and she is amazing. Whether you’re a diehard sceptic, a believer or somewhere in between, I can almost guarantee that if you attend one of Sue’s events, your perception of life after death will alter.

Originally from England, Sue resides in New Zealand. Although she has worked full-time as a psychic medium in New Zealand for many years, it wasn’t until she featured on a popular television show Sensing Murder that her fame took off here in Australia.

What is a Psychic Medium and How Does it Differ From a Psychic?

A psychic provides guidance and predictions for future events whereas, although a psychic medium may do some of that, their main focus is to relay messages and connect those who have passed away with those who are still living.

Feeling a little spooked by this? Don’t be. There is nothing scary or ‘woo-woo’ about Sue’s shows. Her down to earth style, irrepressible humour and larger than life personality makes for a show that will inform, amuse and provoke thought but will never alarm, shock or spook.

What to Expect at a Psychic Medium’s Show

I attended one of Sue’s events earlier this year at the Redlands RSL, a very unspooky venue if I must say so. From the moment Sue entered the room, her laid back manner and sense of humour put everyone at ease. It felt more like I was listening to a friend giving an engaging, interactive talk than a stranger communicating with the spirit world. Sue brought through mums, dads, uncles, kids, grandparents, friends, neighbours and even pets with a range of characters and personalities that were as varied as the audience members themselves.

Debunking a Myth 

There is a misconception that all psychic mediums are frauds who have hidden microphones trained on the audience so as to capture tidbits of information. Let’s debunk that right now using plain logic. It is ludicrous to think that audience members are sitting there saying things like, “Wow, I hope my Great Aunt Myrtle who was born in Holland, had 13 kids and died in 1982 comes through.”

Even a true sceptic would have to agree that it’s highly unlikely that audience members are offering up these details in general conversation yet Sue is able to offer messages and validations from the other side that are every bit as detailed as this and more.

How You Can Prepare For One of Sue’s Shows 

If you attend an event run by Sue (or any other psychic medium) go there with no expectations but be open to any loved ones (and even not so loved ones!) in spirit coming through.If you focus too hard on wanting one particular friend or relative to come through, you may miss the cues when someone unexpected shows up.

A reading is not guaranteed but if you go with an open mind, no expectations and a willingness to at least consider that what you are seeing and hearing is true, you will notice three remarkable things:

1) What comes through is what is most needed for those who need it most at that point in time

2) You will leave the show lighter and freer simply from witnessing all the amazing connections that do take place

3) You will either alter or reconsider what you think you know about what happens after death.

By M Byrne