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A Call from the Other Side – Paperback

The life story of Psychic Medium, Sue Nicholson.  ($35.00)

A-Call-From-The-Other-SideAll her life Sue Nicholson has known there is more to our existence than the physical life we live.

Born in Birmingham, England to a heavy drinking Father and anger-infused Mother, Sue’s life was one of loneliness and isolation.  The poverty-stuck family yielded no love, and in her seeking for emotional connection she became aware of other presences in the house talking to her.

She was always different and others sensed this.  Her accurate insight into those around her left her friendless.  As she matured, she learnt to hide her special connection to the Spirit World and endeavoured to lead a normal life as best as she could.

However, her life was to change when she met and married Steve, a caring individual who was so different from the emotional damning environment she had only ever known. He was to lead her to a world away to Wellington, New Zealand.

Faced with an unfamiliar culture and caring for a baby, Sue continued her pursuit of Spiritual connection in private.

Later, spurred on by Spirit and turbulent experiences, she began to use her talents to help those around her.  Eventually her abilities attracted wider acclaim, with Ninox Television seeking her help in re-examining unsolved murder cases in the highly successful series, Sensing Murder.

No matter what hardship you endure, there is an underlining universal plan for us all. Sue Nicholson continues to help create a communication link between those who have passed over to the Spirit World and the living. Through this interaction Sue is able to help others to reach a sense of peace and understanding and why they are here.

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Journey to the Other Side – Audio CD

A Meditation by Sue Nicholson ($30.00)

contentimage-Journey-to-the-Other-SideWhilst planning a series of evening psychic medium shows and workshops, Sue’s guides asked her to do something a little different in her presentations.  They asked her to take the audiences, in a vivid meditation over to ‘The Other Side’. Here they would meet not only their passed loved ones in the Garden of Remembrance but also their own Guides and Angels.

The effects were so powerful that people began asking her to record the meditation.  The result is the ‘Journey to the Other Side’.  This CD features a deep meditation that is designed to help you understand that on The Other Side there is no judgement of you, only love, security and enlightenment.

You will receive messages from the Other Side  and your Angel will give you a gift of a word to bring back to assist you on this part of your life journey.



Healing with the Archangels – Audio CD

A Meditation by Sue Nicholson ($30.00)

contentimage-Healing-With-The-ArchangelsThis meditation is the second in the series of Spiritual Journeys that has been channelled through from Spirit to assist each and every one of us understand the power of asking and working with The Other side.

On this journey the Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel are here to assist us with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. As we let go of that which no longer serves us we will be able to receive the higher energy that is now coming to this earth plane.

With this higher energy we will be able to journey further into discovering and growing into who we are as a Soul, enabling each of us to fulfil our Spiritual contract that we have undertaken this lifetime.



Discovering Your Past Lives – Audio CD

A Meditation by Sue Nicholson ($30.00)

contentimage-Discovering-Your-Past-LivesThis meditation is the third in the series of Spiritual Journeys that has been channelled through from Spirit. Discovering Your Past Lives will bring wisdom, understanding and compassion enabling us to become closer to the pureness of our souls.

In this guided meditation you are taken on a journey of exploration to discover who and what you were in your past lives.  Each time you listen to this CD, you have the opportunity to travel to three past lifetimes. The information gathered can be used in the present time for developing talents and abilities and to begin or enhance the healing of issues that continue to surface in our life.

Understanding the connection between past lives and present reality leads to profound personal benefits, both spiritually and practically.



Releasing Weight with your Angels – Audio CD

A Meditation by Sue Nicholson ($30.00)

contentimage-releasing-weight-with-your-angelsFor many years I have been on and off ‘diets’ you name it I have tried it. I have also spent a lot of money on many, many products, always hoping that this time it would work and I would  finally achieve the slimmer me.

One day I was just sitting quietly feeling a little down as I yet again contemplated on my expanding waistline; I heard my angel whisper in my ear: “There is a new you just waiting to emerge. You are just like a butterfly sitting and waiting in a cocoon”.

This meditation is the fourth in the series of Spiritual Journeys that has been channelled through from Spirit. Releasing Weight With Your Angels will assist you to begin honouring the wonderful temple that we call our body thus enabling us to become closer to the pureness of our souls.

In this guided meditation you are taken on a safe and protected journey to unzip and discover the beautiful soul that you are that has been enclosed in a body you no longer recognise. Your angel will encourage you to eat and drink healthily, exercise daily and release stress in your life by lovingly making long lasting changes in the way you view and accept yourself. You will learn to treasure who you are and not only improve your health and well being but you will be an even clearer vessel for spiritual communication.

“May the angels lift away all your weight from you that no longer serves your physical body”.


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