Butterfly Oracle Cards

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The Inspiration

At a very young age Sue was constantly inspired, during her sometimes difficult childhood, by the magical colours and otherworldly beauty of butterflies. Drawing them as a child helped take her to her own special place where the butterflies were like messengers from another world. Knowing that they had the ability to transform from a lowly caterpillar into an amazing, brightly coloured flying creature gave her hope. When it came to designing and producing her own deck of oracle cards, Sue immediately thought of the butterflies and knew she had to use them as her symbol of transformation, hope and the mysteries of life.


The Cards

butterfly cards

The Butterfly Guiding Light Oracle combines the beauty, grace and versatility of butterflies with the energising and healing potential of the chakra system.

Through the seven distinct colour groups which correspond to the chakra energy centres in your body, these unique oracle cards take you on a journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment and spiritual development.

Working with the cards regularly creates a basis for inner healing and outward clarity.

There are 49 cards in seven distinct colour groups, each group focusing on a relevant area or life phase.

Within the deck there are 14 cards that play a specialised and more purposeful role.Buy Oracle Cards Here






These are the Guardians and the Teachers. There is a Guardian and a Teacher within each of the seven colour groups.














The cards also come with a comprehensive and easy to use guide book, which contains detailed card interpretations, keywords to help you go deeper into the card meanings and suggested layouts for working with the cards and doing readings.

Each pack contains a drawstring pouch to protect your cards.

The Butterfly Guiding Light Oracle cards are a great beginners level oracle deck for those who have not used oracle cards before. They reward practice and effortlessly connect you to your intuitive self with regular use. The cards are also ideal for the more experienced user, since the symbolism and format of the deck is designed to lead to deeper self-discovery and more complex connections, allowing the user to tap into the resources of the subconscious.


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