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New Online Audio Readings.

A spiritual guidance reading IS:   

• An opportunity to ask me a question regarding your life path.

• A chance to receive information regarding your soul’s journey on Earth.

• An insight into why you are here and what is needed for you to evolve spiritually.


A spiritual guidance reading IS NOT:

• A mediumship reading to channel past loved ones.

(These readings are Audio readings and not Skype or Face to Face)

If you would like to receive a spiritual guidance reading, you simply need to follow these instructions:

1. Carefully consider the question you would like to ask me.

2. Click Subscribe here (botom of Page)

3. You will be notified by email if your question has been accepted.

4. A payment option will then be offered to you.

5. Ensure that your email is listed as a reference when making your payment.

6. Your spiritual guidance reading will be sent as an audio file to your email address within 7 working days

7. Important! Please check your spam mail when you are sent your reading

8. Please note that once have received your reading we can not answer questions regarding the reading.


This is a unique spiritual opportunity, so why not delve into the details of your soul’s journey and learn more about your purpose for this lifetime.


Reading Cost $120.00