Beginners Guide to Developing Your Spiritual Abilities Webinar. Part 2


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A Beginners Guide to Developing Your Own Spiritual Abilities Part 2 Webinar.

This is an introduction to developing your psychic abilities.
Learn fascinating exercises designed to help you tap into your own psychic ability.

Sue will help you to explore and get in touch with your six senses as she explains how everyone has the ability to connect with your guides, learn to read auras, and utilise other tools that bring out your unique psychic gifts to help you to make the right choices and decisions in life.
This is a Beginners course where you will be shown various ways to communicate with the Spirit World.

Please Note this is a TWO PART WEBINAR course and it is strongly advised to do part 1 first and then part two.


Part 2 Subjects include.

Working with the different senses, hear, see, smell and feel.

How the Spiritual hierarchy works for us on Earth.

Meditation to connect with Angels, Guides and Loved Ones.

Psychometry. Sense what you feel about an object.

Auras, How to see your own Aura and other peoples Auras.