Releasing Weight with your Angels (download)


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A Message From Sue.

For many years I have been on and off ‘diets’ you name it I have tried it. I have also spent a lot of money on many, many products, always hoping that this time it would work and I would  finally achieve the slimmer me. One day I was just sitting quietly feeling a little down as I yet again contemplated on my expanding waistline; I heard my angel whisper in my ear: “There is a new you just waiting to emerge. You are just like a butterfly sitting and waiting in a cocoon”.

This meditation is the fourth in the series of Spiritual Journeys that has been channelled through from Spirit. Releasing Weight With Your Angels will assist you to begin honouring the wonderful temple that we call our body thus enabling us to become closer to the pureness of our souls.

In this guided meditation you are taken on a safe and protected journey to unzip and discover the beautiful soul that you are that has been enclosed in a body you no longer recognise. Your angel will encourage you to eat and drink healthily, exercise daily and release stress in your life by lovingly making long lasting changes in the way you view and accept yourself. You will learn to treasure who you are and not only improve your health and well being but you will be an even clearer vessel for spiritual communication.

“May the angels lift away all your weight from you that no longer serves your physical body”.