Releasing Weight with Your Angels Webinar replay and Meditation





This meditation is the fourth in the series of Spiritual

Journey’s that has been channelled through from Spirit.

Releasing Weight with Your Angels will assist you to begin

honouring the wonderful temple that we call our body

thus enabling us to become closer to the pureness of our


In this guided meditation you are taken on a safe and

protected journey to unzip and discover the beautiful

soul that you are that has been enclosed in a body that

you no longer recognise. Your Angel will support and

encourage you to eat and drink healthily, exercise daily

and release stress in your life by lovingly making long

lasting changes in the way you view and accept yourself.

You will learn to treasure who you are and not only

improve your health and well being

but you will be an even clearer vessel

for Spiritual communication.

“May the Angels lift away all your

weight from you that no longer

serves your physical body”


A message from Sue 1

For many years I have been on and off ‘diets’ you name it I have tried it. I have also spent a lot of money on many, many products, always hoping that this time it would work and I would finally achieve the slimmer me. One day I was just sitting quietly feeling a little down as I yet again contemplated on my expanding waistline; I heard my angel whisper in my ear:

“There is a new you just waiting to emerge. You are just like a butterfly sitting and waiting in a cocoon”

Next my Angel showed me a picture of myself unzipping from head to toe. It was like unzipping the ‘me’ that I didn’t want to be anymore. There emerging was my beautiful soul that has always been there yet I could not see it. The ‘me’ inside was just there waiting to come out. Then my angel said:

“It is time to love the real you and to be happy and enjoy all that you are and to find comfort in you and not the foods you eat.” The light for me had finally come on and I have now come to the realisation that I am responsible for my thoughts and actions. At this point in my busy and hectic life it is time to consider my health and well being. I have also discovered that to be an even clearer vessel for Spirit communication my physical body and vibration needs to be lighter. This can only be achieved through healthier eating, exercise and feeling relaxed and good about who I am.

The new you is also just waiting to be unzipped. Enjoy.



Honouring our body mind spirit 2

Deep within us each one of us knows that it is time to honour our body, mind and spirit by respecting the ‘temple’ that we have been given this lifetime. To fulfill our prechosen lifetime contract and to live life to the full with joy we require a fit, balanced and healthy body, mind and spirit. To achieve this it is time to love who we are and to actively make changes to our lives to ensure we are clear and at peace within ourselves. Our inner voice of wisdom, our angels and guides tell us that to discover our optimum body weight and hence increase our overall level of health we need to ensure we are eating foods that are beneficial to our bodies requirements, we are drinking appropriate levels of water, exercising daily and decreasing the stress in our lives.

There is no ‘diet’, exercise plan or specified goal weight included with this meditation. Releasing Weight with your Angels meditation has been channelled through to go hand in hand with the healthy eating and exercise plan that you choose to undertake. It is about making changes in your life motivated by love which are then long lasting. When we are motivated by fear – such as wanting to lose weight to please someone else or unrealistic goals are set you are likely to struggle with food cravings, dissatisfaction and find daily exercise a chore. Using positive words and affirmations are essential for releasing weight. Remember when you lose something you go looking for it to find it again, therefore eliminate this concept and talk about releasing your weight and letting it go for it no longer serves you. Remove the word ‘diet’ from your vocabulary as well as besides the spelling of die in it, dieting puts people into a shortage mentality and steals an ability to gain peace with food.

Assistance From Our Angels 3

Our Angels are here to guide, support and to assist us in all that we do, we only have to ask and to remember it is all in our intention. Asking the Angels to work with us to release weight and find the joy and love within needs to come from a simple and specific, but not limiting request. The Angels ask us to see the overall vision of our life and path ahead when releasing weight, not the short term vision the scales show. This will bring about change and the result you are guided to request. In this meditation you will be taken into a beautiful, peaceful, and serene place where nothing can harm you and you feel protected and secure as you are asked to honestly look at yourself in a visualised mirror. Here you will feel and know to trust you are totally safe as you prepare to work with your Guardian Angel as ‘She’ assists you to release the energy and weight that no longer serves you. Trust what comes through and learn to keep your conscious mind out of the meditation.

“I Release the past that no longer belongs to me or serves me in the now or in the future. I walk in my own power and truth as my light shines out to the world. Each step I take belongs to me. I claim back who I am”.

During the meditation you will discover the beautiful soul that you are and work through some positive affirmations to release your weight and anchor in your new positive self-beliefs.

A Blue Topaz crystal will be given to you in the meditation. You can either acquire a piece to hold during your meditation or just visualise a piece as this will enhance your release. Blue topaz has a relaxing effect on the mind and helps you to become more comfortable with change and will support your vision of greater health and assist with the process of overcoming a habit or addiction.  It also aids the water you drink making it more effective at hydrating, nourishing, and oxygenating your cells. This transformed water also helps fl ush toxins and dissolve plaque from your tissues. Be sure to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Exercise is an essential part of any Weight Release programme. Many benefits are gained from exercise such as increasing the speed at which your body burns energy, to improved heart, lung and skeletal health, better sleep, stress decreased, clearer thinking, increased confidence and moods are improved through the ‘feel good’ endorphins that are released into your blood giving a feeling of happiness and an overall sense of wellbeing.

The following pledge is worthy of being carried on a card with you and reflected on often during each day.

“I look at myself in a loving light which now shines out to the world. I am fi t and healthy in mind, body and spirit as this is my divine right. I treasure who and what I am. So be it”.