Discovering Your Past Lives Webinar


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Would you like to come with me on a journey to uncover 3 of your past lives? To discover who you where before you decided to reincarnate back to this earth plane.

What you will learn: –

*Have you ever met a strange? and thought I know you but cannot  recall from where.

*You may have unexplained fears or phobias and have no idea where they came from.

* You experience De Ja Vu

* Have you bought talents and abilities back with you

* You may have come back to clear some unfinished business with a person from your past life that is here right now in this lifetime.

This is just a sample of what I will teach you about Reincarnation and discovering your past lives in the webinar.

You will learn even more as I take you through a guided meditation into 3 lifetimes which is very powerful.