Beginners Guide to Developing Your Spiritual Abilities Webinar. Part 3


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A Beginners Guide to Developing Your Spiritual Abilities

Part 3 Webinar

These are the final two in the series of Webinars to develop your Psychic Abilities.

Learn fascinating exercises designed to help you tap into your own psychic ability

With Sue’s many years of experience working with spirit and the other side Sue will guide you and help you explore to get in touch and awaken your own Psychic Abilities that may have been locked away

Sue will help you to explore all the many areas of spirit. As she believes that everyone with a open mind has the ability to connect with spirit. Learn tools that will bring out your unique psychic gifts to help you make the right choices and decisions in your life

There are 4 parts to the Beginners Course.  As you work through each level it will give you a deeper awareness and understanding of how to communicate and work with spirit


It is Helpful if you have already completed Part 1 and Part 2, However if you haven’t and would like to catch up Part 1 and Part 2 are available to purchase through my website.

Part 3 Subjects include.

  • Prayers and Why
  • How to clear Negative energy from your Environment and others
  • Bringing in the Power of the Higher Chakras
  • Guided Meditation to connect with these Chakras.
  • Ever wondered what crop circles are?
  • How to quickly open your Chakras including the new ones using a Sacred Crop Circle
  • Channelled Message from Sues Guide
  • Why is Selenite one of the most powerful crystals and how to use it with your Angles
  • How to find blockages in a person’s body and remove them with Selenite
  • Watch Sue working with blocked energy.
  • And more.