Spiritual Intuitive Guidance Readings (One on One Readings)

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Spiritual Intuitive Guidance Readings (One on One Readings)

Sue feels blessed to have been given the gift that she has and wants to be able to help as many people as she can in her lifetime to facilitate healing in their lives. Therefore she has created the Spiritual Intuitive Guidance Readings to help empower and inspire all that have a reading to make the changes necessary to live a truly fulfilling life…

Sue believes in each and every one of you and your innate ability to achieve this and believes that our energy is best used working towards having the best life possible for ourselves…

A spiritual intuitive guidance reading is not: 

• A mediumship reading to channel past loved ones.

.However if they do come through i will pass the messages on.

These are one on one sessions and are based on skype or other  interactive media

If you would like to book a Session with me, simply fill out the form below, click submit and we will be in touch regarding booking a date and time and payment details.

Please note: Sessions are approximately 1.0hours long and it is your responsibility to record the session if you require.

Sessions will be either skype, Zoom or other video media suitable.

Sessions cost $265.00 each and payment must me made prior to a booking being made available to you.

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