Retreat Testimonials

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I attended Sue’s ” Healing of the Soul” retreat in Victor Harbour SA

It was the most amazing 6 days. A journey of discovery and healing of one self                                              .submit-testimonials-button
I laughed…
I cried…
I shared.
I became the student. .
I had fun ….
We all came together as strangers from all parts of Australia and N.Z. We all left as beautiful butterflies with open hearts…Our circle of friendships was sealed
A big thankyou to Terrell for the wonderful job she did in keeping everything organized and entertaining us all with her pranks with the help of Sue!! 😀 . . Thankyou also to Steve for his wonderful support to us and Sue

SUE our mentor, the most generous, giving, caring, loving and funny Soul i have had the pleasure to meet and call my friend    SUE you helped me remove the heavy overcoat off my shoulders now i am ” Light and Free ” .

……….SUE you are the “Lighthouse ” who lights the way for the rest of US…

…….Thank you for this amazing journey ……………with love and blessings. ……………….Helen Moustakas



I was lucky enough to be able to attend Sue’s retreat and I want to send out the biggest, bestest thank you to Sue for enabling me to be part of one of the most wonderful and enjoyable experiences I have ever had.

On arrival, I was shown to the very nice 3-bedroom apartment that I would share with my very good friends Michelle and Linda (thank you Terrell for pairing me and Michelle up with Linda who we instantly fell in love with and will stay friends with FOREVER).  Such a treat to have really nice accommodation to relax back into after each day’s session with Sue … apparently you could hear us for miles laughing and talking with each other late into the night.

The retreat started the next day after a hearty breakfast.  I was lucky enough to be seated next to one of the most beautiful and funny souls I have ever met … the lovely Jen (there were 3 Jen’s on the retreat hehe).  We immediately bonded and Jen was a regular at our apartment after each session, sharing her life stories with us and listening to ours … lots of “oh my god” moments and good laughs.  Throughout the week, I was amazed by the positive transformation I saw around the room, but particularly with my new friend Jen – I have seen with my own eyes what the power of love and light can have on someone – Jen I continue to see the positivity around you – keep it up girl I love you and you are a true inspiration to me.

Each day flew by and I couldn’t wait to get back for the next day.  Sue is a natural teacher and each session was jam packed with powerful spiritual learning – we went everywhere from our past lives to deep into the beautiful crystal caves with the Arch Angels – wow wow wow.  Sue would set tasks and come around to each and every one of us and provide feedback.  I have the concentration capacity of a banana sandwich, but believe me I was wide awake and taking everything in.   Sue is an excellent teacher – humble and outrageously funny and as far as I’m concerned the most powerful and prolific Psychic Medium I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

I have come away from the retreat with a whole set of new likeminded and solid friendships.  I am uplifted, positive and more confident in my spiritual ability – I’m ok!

Thank you Sue, Terrell and Steve for creating a relaxing and friendly environment for us all to be part of.  Your retreat is one of the most profoundly positive experiences I have ever been part of and I will cherish this for the rest of my life.  Bring on the next one … I’m there x


Being on Sues retreat was an awesome experience and will stay close to my heart forever!
Meeting and being around Sue’s uplifting energy filled the whole time with fun and laughter,
you could listen to her voice all day, she is a wonderful teacher.

Me and all the other beautiful souls I met, all felt very special to be able be there and
be a part of her first retreat.
Sue was as much a part of the group as she was the leader, she talked, dinned and shared with us all.
Terrell, Sue’s event manager was a huge part of it too, she was a shining star through the whole
thing, so much fun, you always knew where you were at, and helped whenever needed.
We all learned so many things, all made new friends, enjoyed really good food! And were blossoming
and transformed by the end of it.
Sue put a smile in all of our hearts,

Thank you Sue, xoxo Shirley


Hi Terrell and Sue

I am not sure where to post about my experience, so I will post here and leave it up to you, what you do with it!!!

I had the honour and privilege of attending Sues ‘Healing of the Soul’ retreat in Victor Harbour recently.  I had no expectations as to what to expect on this retreat.  Just as well, they would have fallen well short of what I got.  I pretty much got answers on the very first night, when Sue channelled a message for each person, put them in our gift bags and randomly handed out the bags.  I was shocked beyond belief with my message, I knew without a shred of doubt, it was for me, but just how did spirit know to give me that particular bag (out of 15 bags!) with that message in, I’ll never know.  Sues guides and I guess mine, were doing a fantastic job on the retreat.

I’ve done meditations many times before, but the ones I did with Sue were the most profound.  If I had any doubt about what I was experiencing/seeing, Sue would come along and validate by seeing exactly what I was seeing!  Crikey, can she read my mind?

The retreat enhanced my own psychic abilities and I know they have really grown during the retreat and I am using what I have learnt.  I will continue on my path and also move forward, knowing I can do it!  I will be able to complete my life’s work, whereas before I had doubts.  I look forward to next year, 2016, when I start to lay the foundations for my next journey.

Sue is a fantastic teacher, very funny, serious when she needs to be, caring and very kind and generous. Terrell was also fantastic, she took care of everything for us and the retreat went very smoothly.  They are a fabulous team, along of course, with Sues husband Steve who sits quietly in the background…. observing and taking care of the electrical stuff.

Do yourself a favour and if you want to enhance or learn about your psychic abilities, head along to a retreat with Sue – you will not regret it.

I am so grateful to my guides, for guiding me to Sue.

Thank you Sue and Terrell for changing my life!

With love, always, and till the next retreat

Carole xxxxx


I went on Sues retreat to try and find some happiness in my life, I found more than happiness, I found myself.  It has been a long time; I mean years since I have felt happy.  Sue was so loving and caring, Sue showed me ways to connect to my inner self.  Sue spent a lot of time with us all.  As each day went by I felt more calm and inner peace. At the end of the retreat I didn’t want to come home as I have never felt this good about myself, I made life time friends, people I will never forget, memories that will last a lifetime. Now I am home I am so over whelmed, I never thought I would be happy, I don’t hide away from any one now, I have confidence in myself, I have respect for myself.  I have true happiness, I smile now, I laugh, I love.  I have begun to live again. Without Sues help I would never have got to this stage in my life, love and light to you Sue Nicholson, I have been reborn  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i highly reccomend healing soul with spirit level 1 bali with Sue Nicholson what an amazing journey for me. i didnt go with any expectations i went with an open heart and mind and will to release the old and receive the new. i felt like i had shedded the unwanted and my soul was uplifted. i am thankful for being part of a magnificent lovable supportive group of new friends 💕 what a blessful journey….very exciting time  i am openly embracing my wonderful life👍kia kaha, kia maia . kia manawanui