Healing with the Archangels WEBINAR


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Healing With the Archangels 

This Meditation is to assist you with your healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for you to receive the higher energy thatis now coming to this earth plane. With this higher energy you will be able to joumey further into discovering and growin g into who you are as a Soul, enabling you to fulfil your Spiritual contract that you have undertaken this lifetime. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to let go of and heal all that longer serves you. You do this by self-healing, forgiveness, and by choosing peace and love at all times.


As you work with this meditation for several sessions you will begin to become more sensitive to the energy that is being made available to you. You may feel the healing energy as a wannth, or a tingle. Some people feel it as a soft and loving current running through their body.


It does not matter if you can or can not visualise or physically feel the healing energy, your intentions and the assistance of the Beings of light that you are working with are what you are healed by.


As you read how each of the Archangels worl<, note any specific thoughts that come to mind in relation to the questions posed. Note these as they will assist you in your meditative healing experience.